Spalted Maple and Black Walnut Side Table

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26½"H x 14"D x 34"L

Hand made in Bethel CT, this elegant little table looks as though it may walk away. This table is made from locally recovered black walnut with a top of spalted sugar maple that came from a tree more than 350 years old. When left to sit in a damp forest, the maple log will nourish a particular fungus. It is this fungus that causes the multitude of what appear to be inked, drawn lines. Left to cure too long, and the log will be consumed by the fungus. Given six years or so and the log will retain wood hard enough for a mallet, yet so wonderfully drawn upon that one cannot help looking for the hidden pictures, as though looking into the clouds.

Shown with shellac and tung oil finish. Tenons pinned with rock hard sugar maple.